TWIN cosplay is a cosplay formed by Shema Arroyo and his partner Juan Carlos Tolento, both mexican cosplayers who started cosplaying 3 years ago. Besides of cosplay both are also are cos - makers and prop - makers specialized in the recreation of characters and props for publicity campaigns and special events.

​"Cosplay for us is truly a passion, but more specifically is an art, is the challenge to bring the impossible into reality. Better said, we think of it as the art to became dreams true. It's truly a unique and personal challenge and an adventure where we can discover that there is nothing impossible when someone loves enough what he does so his passion take him trough any challenge just to create his art.

We are focused on keep growing as an artists cause Cosplay has become our full time passion, that's why we are committed to it completely. Even when we are aware that one never stops learning new things, and that we have so much more to learn still, we feel really blessed that in this 3 years and a half since our very beginning we have achieved so much and have counted with the support of so many people, friends and other artists to do so. Thank you!""

​Within this time TWIN cosplay have been considered one of the best cosplayers in their country, they have been invited in several events in Mexico and also international conventions around America, Europe & Asia, they also have participated in several national and international competitions being the biggest ones the WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT CHAMPIONSHIIP 2015 at Japan and The Global Easter Cosplay Championship at POLYMANGA in Switzerland events where their dream to bring home the FIRST PLACE as champions has became true!