Clip-On Computer Reading Glasses for Custom: Reduce Eyestrain, Nagging Neck Aches

The new clip-on computer reading glasses are affordable and can be used to alleviate computer neck pain and eyestrain. Computer work is more demanding than standard office work, such as reading printed documents. Computer pixels can be difficult to focus on, as they are more round than ink or paper. This problem is compounded by bifocal, trifocal and progressive lenses that will not permit you to read the computer screen while elevating your chin. Eye strain is the most common office complaint.

Multi-focal wearers who use the computer often complain of difficulty with their vision. The computer monitor is typically located at eye-level at mid range distance. This is because multi-focal lenses have optical limitations that make it difficult for eye doctors to prescribe glasses that meet all of our visual needs and the ergonomic requirements of computer users.

The corrective power required to view a computer monitor should be located in the upper half of prescription glasses and not the bottom. Ask your eye doctor to order a pair of computer- and reading distance glasses. Or, you can purchase a custom clip-on that will fit over your existing bifocals.

A new clip-on pair of computer reading glasses can solve this problem for a fraction of the price of new glasses. They simply clip to your prescription glasses to give you an extremely wide optical zone of computer distant focus. You can use them over your existing Bifocals or Trifocals or Progressive “no line” bifocals.

This clip-on allows you to see a computer monitor without having to move your head. It also eliminates neck strain caused by repetitive movements such as up and down, which can lead to neck strain due to improper bifocal/progressive lenses use. It is bad ergonomics to raise your head and lift your chin while you move closer to the computer screen. You don’t have an ergonomic chair you can use at the computer if you cannot see the screen clearly from your chair. The correct back support is no longer available. The MD’s and Chiropractors will love to treat your neck and lower back pain.

Clip-on computer reading glasses can instantly help you achieve a natural head position and neck position. The painful neck, shoulder, and upper back effects are not necessary. This clip-on is unique and better than other similar looking devices.

Computer reading clips are an ergonomically designed clip-on lens attachment that can be used to attach general wear prescription eyeglasses. They can be adjusted in size, shape, optical centering, lens coating, thickness, and weight. These are some of the benefits:

1. This clip-on has been made using an acrylic material which has proven to be more light transmitting than the standard polycarbonate lenses clip-ons.

2. Acrylic lens surfaces are stronger than any other similar polycarbonate material clip-ons currently available.

3. The optical centering or interpupillary distance, also known as PD, will cause less strain on the ocular motor functions associated with eye convergence when viewing objects in close intermediate range. It will also reduce the stress that is experienced while looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time. This is because existing computer lenses, which typically have an optical centering of 70 mm, are more common.

4. The new clip’s unique eye shape, thickness and eye size (52mm x 26mm) will allow for lighter computer reading clips-on attachments to eyeglasses. The new lens thickness and size reduces the center gravity from the frame of the wearer to minimize weight and to lessen gravity’s pull on the nose.

5. This clip-on has the added benefit of a non-glare anti reflection coating. This reduces annoying glare and reflections. Scientifically, the non-glare coating can reduce visual stress and improve performance when worn while working on a computer for long periods (2 to 4 hours per day).

6. This clip-on is digitally designed to provide a wide viewing area that covers the entire width of the lens. It can be clipped over progressive lenses or bifocals for an improved visual experience.

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