Social Media Marketing Advice for Small Business Owners: Which Sites Are Right for Your Biz

As the proprietor of an SEO writer business One of the services that I am frequently asked about by my customers is the use of social media for marketing (SMM). A majority of my clients “get” social media – meaning, they understand that it’s a an integral part of their online marketing strategy, but may not know which social media sites most suitable for their needs. The typical scenario is that they hire an expert in social media to create accounts on each of them. This is not the most effective method, however.

Here are three points of advice I give to my small business clients on this type of marketing online.

You’re an independent contractor who offer management of social media accounts services, believe me, you’ll go a long ways to proving that you know the ropes if you can advise clients who aren’t sure about how to “do” this kind of web-based marketing.

An Unclean Little secret that many don’t know About Social Media Marketing

The first thing to remember is that you don’t have to join every igpanel platform. You read that exactly. Some time ago when there were only three major SM websites my SEO writing company created an report for an internet marketing firm that discussed this topic in depth.

In the moment, when people discuss SMM they’re talking about five sites that are the most popular: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. The last two are becoming popular within the past few years.

With five major social media platforms that are in operation, this kind of online marketing may seem to be a bit of a hassle. However, it doesn’t need to be. This is what brings my back to the final tip that should be… make the time to determine the social media platforms that will be the best for your business. How do you find out? Through analyzing the sociographics and demographics of each one.

Let’s take Twitter as an example. Here are some of the demographics of the popular social media website.

  • More than a quarter of African-Americans who are online (28 percent) are using Twitter 13% of them use it on a normal daily basis, this is almost more than the average.
  • 26 percent of Internet users between 18 and 29 use Twitter this is more than two times the amount of people aged 30 to 49.
  • Urban residents are more likely to make use of Twitter than those in rural areas. Source: The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, Winter 2012]

If you owned a business which appealed to young urban youngsters (eg clothing, music, clothes and shoes) If so, Twitter could be a great platform to check out. If you were selling financial products that targeted the middle-to-retirement-aged population, Twitter probably shouldn’t be your preferred social network of preference (LinkedIn could be more appropriate).

The last piece of advice I can offer regarding this kind of marketing online is to try, tweak, and analyze to determine what is most effective for your business. This applies to any type of marketing, offline or online.

Choose your website by its demographics. Then create an online marketing campaign using social media and get started engaging. After that, you can evaluate the outcomes.


It’s okay to be active on all the most important SM sites, however you should focus most of your time with those which provide you with concrete outcomes.

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