Slot Punches, Why Are They So Important?

Slot punches are necessary if you create your own ID cards. Slot punches are used for making the holes in ID cards. This device is essential to ensure your cards look professional. You can also use it to prevent the card splitting. Any other method of creating a slot would break the card.

These machines can produce slots of various sizes to accommodate any badge size. The type of machine that you use to punch the slots will influence the options for the shape and size of the slots. Each device comes with different badge-specific features.

Types and types of Card Punches

There are many types of punches for identification cards. For example, some punch machines for card making are designed to make corners. Others make slots and some make holes. Below are the four main types available, as well as a brief description.

*Table top punch- This is the best type of punch for those who need it to be used often. You can adjust the size according to what kind of badge you’re using.

*Hand-held punt – This punch is the easiest to use. This type of device is ideal for occasional use.

*Stapler Punch – This stapler is mostly used in offices. Depending upon how often you will need this device, there are light-weight and heavy-duty options.

*Electric punch: This option is ideal for businesses that have different size ID badges and/or use them often. Simply adjust the controls and let the machine do the rest.

Every type of slot puncher listed here comes in different sizes and styles, so you can have many options after you decide what type you need.

Basic Information

The slot punch is an ingenious machine that revolutionized the identification card. What else could you do with all the options for attaching them on your clothing, lanyards and belts? Without the device, you’d have to keep your ID in your wallet, purse, or pocket. It would make security difficult to conduct checks and employees could spend more time looking for their badges.

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